Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you require to provide with me a quote?

We need to know the linear footage, the length of time for which you need it (if renting) and the location for its delivery

Do you do site visits?

This is not usually required. We can provide you with an accurate quote as long as we know the linear footage, rental duration as well as delivery location. If you would like someone from our crew to visit your site please call our office and book an appointment.

When will my fencing get delivered?

Deliveries usually take place Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm. We can arrange to deliver outside of these dates/times at your request by calling our office to make a delivery appointment. If there is an emergency that requires deliveries outside of our normal business hours please call our Emergency Line at 778-549-1676

Is there a minimum rent term or quantity?

At this time we don’t have any minimums on # of fence panels or rental term. We are here to help you in whatever way we can with a service that works for you.

What area do you service?

Our general service area is the entire GVRD and Fraser Valley. By request we can service areas outside of this. If you would like a quote for another area please call our office at 778-589-8600. We are also able to have purchased panels shipped to other areas of Canada.

Do you have fences higher than 6’?

Currently we have only an inventory of 6’ fence panels. We will look to get

Are we able to pickup our fencing from your yard?

Yes. However, pickups from our yard are by appointment only. There are times when access is not possible (ie. material deliveries and other factors). We will load any vehicle or trailer which is suitable for safely transporting fencing. Please remember we are available to deliver/pickup if you don’t have a suitable method of transport.

Do you sell used rental fences?

We do on occasion sell our rental inventory if we have a large stock of it. We also sell damaged/broken fencing on an AS/IS basis when we have it available

Can I transfer my rental to a different company?

Yes! If you are moving to a different phase of construction or changing contractors you can transfer your rentals no problem. Upon settling the original account in full, we will be happy to transfer the care and responsibility of your rentals from you to another company. A transfer will take effect once you complete a Request to Transfer form as well as the new customer.

Does your company setup/dismantle fencing?

At this time we do not offer this service. That said, we would be happy to show you how to set it up when we deliver to your site or you pick it up from our yard

Why must we be on site for the delivery? Can we not just tell you where the fencing is to be placed?

We require our customers to provide a signature (Equipment Exchange Form) which confirms the exact quantity of fencing delivered to your site in case there a discrepancy that exists at the end of your project.

When you deliver where will you place the fencing?

Delivery is typically ‘curbside’ or right beside the truck. Because moving the fencing can require a lot of extra time and labour we bill hourly for this type of work.

What will happen if any panels or hardware becomes damaged or is missing upon the end my rental?

Upon pickup, any damaged/missing materials will be documented and repaired or replaced. Destroyed/missing panels will be billed at $115ea plus taxes. Any repairs that need to be done to fencing that is not destroyed can only be estimated at the time the repairs take place based on an assessment of the actual damage

Are the fence rentals covered by insurance?

Your insurance company may or may not cover damage/theft relating to your rental fencing. We require you to obtain your own insurance coverage in case they do not cover any losses (Read our rental terms and conditions)PDF

Would it be better to buy, rent or rent-to-own a fence?

This depends. It is definitely cost-effective to rent if you have only a short-term project. With longer term projects or when you plan to reuse the fencing at a later date it may be more suitable to buy. Renting vs buying is usually based on a number of factors such as budget, project length, frequency of fencing use etc

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