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The Importance of Temporary Fence Rentals for Special Events

There’s a lot that goes into planning a special event. But while you’re securing the location, employing the staff, or booking the entertainment, don’t forget about fencing. Whether you’re organizing an intimate networking mixer or a massive music festival, it’s worth using our temporary fence rentals. Here’s why. 

Provides crowd control 

When you’re expecting a lot of people at your special event, crowd control should always be a concern. Proper fencing will not only provide much needed direction, but also minimize frustration. 

Here at Axcess Fence, we are pleased to provide a variety of durable temporary fencing solutions for your special event. With our reliable fence rentals, you can set up queues to help control crowds and maintain order.

Stops gate crashers 

Nobody wants their special event ruined by gate crashers. But with a big crowd and a large perimeter, stopping uninvited guests from entering can be overwhelming.  

When you have our temporary fence rentals in place, you can create controlled access points. Employees or security guards can check tickets and wristbands, allowing your guests in while keeping the riffraff out.  

Directs traffic 

Will people be driving to your event? If they are, you had a better plan for it. When it comes to special events, traffic can get out of hand quickly if people don’t know where to park. 

Temporary fence rentals are important for directing people where to park their car, as well as where to exit the event. If you don’t want your parking lot to turn into a traffic nightmare, reach out to Axcess Fence. 

Protects private property 

Special events should surprise and delight your guests, not terrorize neighboring residents. As the event coordinator, it is your responsibility that your event doesn’t spill over into private property. 

Need to make sure event attendees don’t go beyond an unauthorized area? Our fence rentals can make your life much easier by protecting you, your guests, and adjacent properties.  

Deters crime

Criminals and vandals are always on the lookout for their next big score. Don’t make it easy for them. Having a solid fence around the perimeter of your special event acts as an effective deterrent, preventing crime before it happens. 

Temporary fencing for events is a tried and true way to discourage crime. Why up the risk factor if you don’t have to? Protect your guests and their belongings with our fence rental solutions.

Have a special event in the works? With our temporary fence rentals for special events, you can control, restrict, and protect areas, ensuring your special occasion runs smoothly.


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  1. My son’s teacher is going to have a book fair next week. I like how you mention a temporary fence will keep the crowd under control. Thank you for the advice. I’ll contact a fence contractor to install a temporary fence for the book fair.

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